What an Orthopedic Doctor Can Do for You

About the Treatment You Can Receive for Joint and Muscle Pain

Most, if not all, Americans will experience some kind of joint or muscle pain throughout their lives. From construction workers to office workers, people suffer from back, neck, and joint pain on a regular basis. If you experience this kind of pain, an orthopedic doctor can help. An orthopedic doctor focuses on problems in the musculoskeletal system and can offer a variety of solutions in order to bring you back to health. The following are a few ways that an orthopedist can help you if you’re experiencing joint and muscle pain.

#1: An Orthopedist Can Identify Why You are in Pain

Orthopedists are equipped with knowledge and expertise to determine how and why you are having pain. Pain that originates in the neck or back can radiate to other parts of the body, and sometimes it is difficult to determine where the pain is originating from. Often a person may randomly feel pain without a known cause, and it will intermittently come and go. An orthopedic doctor can give you the answers you’re seeking.

#2: Orthopedists can Offer a Variety of Treatment Options

An orthopedist who has given you an examination can give you choices on how to treat your condition. They can provide full exercise programs or physical therapy treatments. Also, if needed, they can conduct surgery in order to restore you back to health. They can treat infections, bone tumors, congenital conditions, and joint problems including arthritis.

#3: Don’t let Your Muscle or Joint Issue Get Worse

If you are experiencing pain in your muscles, joints, or tendons, this pain could be indicative of a larger issue. Other warning signs include swelling, infection, limited range of motion, persistent pain, or sometimes difficulty in performing simple functions such as walking up the stairs. An orthopedic doctor may be able to stop your health issue in its tracks before it worsens.

You don’t need to live with pain. You can find ways to relief it by contacting an orthopedic doctor. If you are experiencing joint pain, muscle pain, back pain, or neck pain, we can help. Contact us at 972-573-7802 for more information on how an orthopedist can help you with your joint and muscle pain.