Orthopedic Stats You Need to Know

Important Stats Regarding Orthopedic Doctors and Orthopedic Clinics

According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgery, millions of American adults visit an orthopedic doctor or an orthopedic center every year. With such a surplus of people getting orthopedic treatment, here are some important statistics to know.

Statistic #1: There are Many Orthopedists

The AAOS reported that in 2014, there were over 27,000 orthopedic physicians registered in the U.S. Of these 27,000, nearly 45 percent are in an orthopedic clinic or group practice, and just over 20 percent have their own individual office.

Statistic #2: Orthopedic Doctors Are Busy

Nearly one in four Americans develops a musculoskeletal impairment at some point in life. Most seek out an orthopedic clinic to discuss treatment options and procedures and this keeps orthopedists busy. The average orthopedic doctor in the U.S. completes 32 surgeries a month. Of these 32 monthly surgeries, adult knee surgery is the most common, averaging 34 percent of the procedures completed. Other surgeries range from carpal tunnel to broken bone placement to back and spinal fusions.

Statistic #3: Orthopedists Do More than Perform Surgeries

Many people think orthopedic doctors are primarily surgeons, but that is far from the truth. Typically, only about 50 percent of an orthopedic physician’s practice is surgical. The other 50 percent of the time, an orthopedic meets with patients, completes pre and post-surgery evaluations and follows patients’ progress. Orthopedic physicians work with patients to prevent injuries, restore mobility, decrease pain levels and rehabilitate through physical therapy, strength building exercises, and/or medication. Just because a patient sees an orthopedist, it does not mean that surgery is necessary.

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